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Susan Gilbert-Koska
Amazing structured jeans that fit my body properly.

Buying jeans has always been a massive chore. My thique thighs and booty meant i had to compromise, they were either so stretchy that they were as thin as tights, or they flapped about my waist and I spent the whole day pulling them up or I had to wrench them in with a belt. Peachay jeans actually fit my body and are a nice thick denim that doesn't show the patterns of my cellulite to the world. I now own two pairs because they are just that great. If you have any questions on fit just ask Peachay, they will give you clear advice. Highly recommend.

I feel good!

I've always struggled with jeans... There's a big difference between the size of my waist and my hips/bum, and I'd just accepted that jeans are incredibly uncomfortable and unflattering. I'm so glad I found Peachay. I did have an issue with sizing - the recommended size was good on my waist, fine on my bum, but too tight on my hips - but Joy was so sweet and so helpful, and in no time I had them exchanged for a bigger size. While the fit isn't absolutely spot on (a lil big on my waist/thighs now), it's the best fit I've had so far, and I just feel good in the jeans. They're flattering, and I feel like a woman! Neither squashing nor hiding my curves, but hugging them gently. Go for it.

My second pair of Peachays!

I purchased the Chelsea Jean in 2021 and have loved them so much. So comfortable and I get a lot of use out of them. This time around I went with the Peachay Jean, but was tossing up whether to go a size smaller to get a firmer fit. Bella helped me out and encouraged me to go the size smaller as they will stretch with wear. And she was spot on, these ones are absolutely the perfect fit for me! Thanks for creating a great product Bella! X


I have always struggled with jeans and put of purchasing these for so long. Finally got a pair and can’t believe. Looking forward to seeing the new styles. I’m a size 10 waist and 12/14 bum/thighs and the daisy size fit perfect!


These are literally the most comfy and well fitting jeans I’ve ever owned!
I put on weight during the pandemic and am about a size 14-16 and you wouldn’t believe how difficult it’s been to find a good pair of jeans that fit well around my waist and hips/thighs… until now!
I’m so glad to have found Peachay and will absolutely be purchasing more pairs! It’s so nice to support a local, woman-owned business! Thank you Bella and Peachay xx