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Goodbye Waist Gaps

Hundreds Of 5 Star Reviews

300 + five star reviews from women like us with a small waist, bigger booty and thighs

Made For Curves By Curves

Our founder Bella couldn't find jeans that fit her curves, so she started Peachay!

Women Owned Aussie Brand

Hi! I'm Bella, i'm based in Sydney and I run Peachay with the help of Joy who runs our customer service and 2 amazing designers


What Our Peachay Girls Are Loving



1. Your thighs have space to breathe

We've kept the waist size what you would usually shop but added in extra room for our thighs. So they actually have room to breathe and be super comfortable for once!


2. No more squished booty

The story goes, the jeans that fit your waist will squish our booty or not get past our thighs! We've designed the jeans to give your juicy booty the room it needs to live it's best life!


3. No waist Gap

Because we've added in extra room for your booty and thighs in our jeans, you can shop your actual waist size. No need to size up and get the gap!


4. Not a struggle to put on!

We use a much longer zipper than all the other denim brands. This means they open up wider to get on our juicy booty and zip up to snug on our waist.

Seen in

"For anyone with an hourglass shape—jeans can typically be pretty uncomfortable. Enter Peachay—an Aussie denim label created for small waists and bigger booties and thighs"

"A brand dedicated to fitting hourglass figures just so"

"Standard sizes don't exist at this denim label. Giving you a chance to waggle your cute tuchus about in style."

"Peachay targets a very specific demographic of shoppers, but it’s a demographic that plenty of people likely fall into – those who can’t find jeans to fit their shape"

"These jeans are unlike any I have personally come across.

As the jeans are designed to take into account that your figure gets wider below your waist. Meaning there's no need to cinch in the waist anymore. Boom."



Other Brands Vs Peachay Fit

Brands don't design their jeans with room for our juicy booty and thighs, so we need to go up a size and then hello waist gaps... We know that with our proportions we need smaller waist bands and extra room for our booty and thighs! That's why your Peachay's fit, they are designed only for curves!