Jeans with room for your butt

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  • "So happy I found these! These jeans are the first pair of jeans I have found in a long long long time that fit my thighs and booty AND fit snug on my waist! They are so flattering on :) Very very happy with my purchase and I will be getting more!"


  • "Aside from the amazing cut which has literally changed my life. (I have endometriosis and have basically been unable to wear pants for years.) I want to write poems to the softness of this denim, the trueness of the black and how well it washes. Also, not gonna lie – my butt (a part of my body I have never felt good about) looks Peachay keen! I will forever buy your jeans – never stop!"

    Tessa Price-Brooks

  • "Until I found PEACHAY Jeans! I didn't know it was possible to receive such satisfaction from a pair of denim! The fit is incredible especially if you have a small waist and big thighs. The cut was flattering and they are comfortable enough to wear all day. Thank you for finally making a pair of jeans that are designed to fit a female body!! Love your body and treat your booty - BUY THEM"


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