Hey guys,

I've spent the last year trying to make new garments that fit our smaller waist, bigger booty and thighs - but it has been anything but smooth sailing. I could say "I gave my blood, sweat, and tears for this"- Except for the blood... Between finding a factory that would do the amount of sizes and quality I wanted, to finding the right people to work with to make the new collection come to life, I can say it has not been easy but it's definitely worth it.

From my first collection I knew that these jeans weren't just something we wore, they were much more than that. They showed us that all along it was the clothes that were the issue, not our body and that we can look damn good in jeans, we just needed to find some that fit small around our waist with room for our booty and thighs. So receiving hundred of DM's from you guys saying how you love your curves and you feel confident, was well worth all of the hard work to get here.

I can't wait for you to see what we have next! It's been a long time coming..

If you want to shop what we have left, please click below :)