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"Why does denim shopping suck so much?" - A question I asked myself a lot...

"Why does denim shopping suck so much?" - A question I asked myself a lot...

It's me, HI! I'm the problem it's me - said the jeans

After years of trying on jeans with waist gaps and uncomfortable tight thighs (that also squished my booty), I decided my body just wasn't meant to fit into jeans. I thought that my thighs were too big for the size my waist was meant to fit into, so I stopped buying jeans. That is, until I got a pair tailored to be smaller in the waist and wondered why jeans can't just fit like that off the rack. I then got thinking and realised that denim brands weren't designing jeans for women with a smaller waist bigger booty and thighs. So I decided to do months of research on how to start a fashion brand because I thought someone needed to fix this issue for women!


Debut - My First Pair Of Jeans. The Peachay Jean

After months of research, I managed to get my first pair designed and made! It wasn't perfect but it was a great jean that actually fit. I was still working full time in a grad program at this point getting orders every now and then. I kept all the jeans in my room and wrote little thank you notes in every order. Everything was so new and exciting! When I launched, I think I got one order, which was exciting enough at the time! The steep learning curve of starting a fashion business started here. I needed all the luck I could get.


2020 - May 2023

Launched Jean number 2 - The Chelsea Jean

I finally made another jean and I couldn't have been more excited and nervous! The next few years were amazing and stressful. I quit my job as a UX designer to do Peachay full time, sales starting being more consistent and I started Peachay events! So many washes of the Chelsea jean were made and I introduced shorts and a skirt! I also started making some amazing friends that were originally customers. I also made a Taylor Swift chat group on Insta for my Peachay Swifites!


May 2023 - Now

Our Current Era

2023 was not good I have to say. I had no stock for most of the year because so many things went wrong. BUT we did launch our first non denim items - the Willow Pant and the Luna Skirt. I went to Paris for 2 months and ran Peachay from there which was such a fun experience, but made receiving samples a little difficult! Now we are in 2024 and I've sorted everthing out that was holding us back from having stock last year. This will be our biggest year yet! Can't wait to see what happens in 2024!