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Chelsea Jean

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The Chelsea is our classic straight leg cut, made specifically to fit small waists, juicy thighs and booties. The Chelsea Jean is designed to fit snug on your waist (without the waist-gap) and a little relaxed around the thighs and the leg. The jean can be worn folded up or full length to mix up the look. This jean is high waisted, so it’s best to check the rise to see where the jean will end up on your tummy! They are made of 100% cotton.

Why are Our Jeans Different To Other Brands?

I started Peachay because I was sick of jeans that left gaps at the waist, squeezed my thighs, or just got stuck on my booty. I wanted jeans that fit a smaller waist while still working for my curves, so I made some design tweaks:

  1. Waist-to-Booty Ratio: We keep the waist smaller but add extra room for the booty and thighs.
  2. Long, Thick Zipper: This lets the jeans open up enough to get past the booty without a struggle.
  3. Real Denim: We use comfy denim that isn't just stretchy jeggings pretending to be jeans.

With these changes, our jeans fit like they’re made for you—and they're actually comfortable to wear all day.

Return and Exchanges

If you need to return or exchange your order, no problem. Just make sure everything's in its original condition, and get it in the mail within 14 days of getting your package. Heads up, though—the cost to send it back isn't on us. If you want more info about returns and exchanges  click here.

Goodbye waist gaps 👋🏻

Denim shopping has always been a pain because most jeans just aren't made for our curves. That's where we step in. I realised that jeans needed a serious redesign to truly fit our curves, so I took matters into my own hands.

We've cracked the code on the perfect design that actually works with your curves.

Customer Reviews

Based on 197 reviews
Absolute fav

I was skeptical at first because I have never found a pair of jeans that fit me comfortably ever. My waist is 75cm and hips are 112cm so naturally everything gapes massively at the waist or is incredibly tight around my hips.
Once I tried these on, I was genuinely so happy because they are so darn comfy! I wish they were a teensy bit longer but thats honestly not even an issue when everything else fits so beautifully!
I'm only so annoyed with myself for waiting until I moved from Melbs ALL the way to Vancouver to find it in me to finally purchase these!!


It was a great fit around my waist but around my bottom was too loose, but there was no better size for me I could see xx

Best jeans I’ve ever worn

I wear these jeans at literally every opportunity, they fit perfectly! I used to avoid jeans because they never fit right and made me feel constricted. They sit so well on my waist and hips, they’re sooo flattering and comfortable.


The best jeans for my body shape I have ever tried. I'm amazed. Super flattering, comfy and they fit perfectly.

Jessi A
New favourite jeans

Finally a pair of jeans I can walk and sit in, but fit my waist!! Love the colour, love the cut. The sizing guide was helpful and accurate too. I wish these came in more colours cos I’d grab them all <3