This is Peachay

My Story 

Finding jeans that fit has always been a struggle, to the point where I stopped wearing jeans all together. 

My waist is smaller than my hips, bum and thighs (which means I try on 10 pairs of jeans and there is either a waist gap or the jeans don't go past my thighs/bum). It started to make me feel bad about my thighs. I thought if my waist is a 6 and  my thighs don't fit into a 6, then I need to loose weight. Which looking back was so silly of me to think, I love my thighs! Looking back, I thought this because I couldn't fit into anything, and the reason wasn't because my body was oddly proportioned, it was because brands just didn't make clothes for my body shape. This sucked for me and so many other women with the same shape, so I thought I'd do something about, I made Peachay. 

Jeans that fit our small waist and juicy hips, but and thighs peach 🍑 I hope you cherish them as much as I do.




Ethics and sustainability

I care about the impact we have on people and the environment, that's why I'm always looking for ways that Peachay can spread love to people and the planet. These are a few things things that we do to do our part. 

Local manufacturing   

As an Australian brand, I want to support our local manufacturers, that's why we produce our jeans in Melbourne. The pattern making, washing, cutting and sewing is all done here in Australia. This also means that we reduce the milage between getting the product from the factory to you guys.

Ethical production

It's important to me that the men and women making Peachay Jeans are treated well. This means workers receive fair payment, legal entitlements and work in a safe environment. That's why I have chosen to work with a Melbourne based manufacturer that has been audited and accredited by Ethical clothing Australia. 

Find out more here 

Organic cotton 

We try to use organic cotton where we can to make Peachay Jeans. We are on the hunt to find some organic denim with stretch, because we only so small runs of jeans at a time, it's difficult to find, but we are trying.

Here are a few reasons why I've decided to use organic cotton

- There are no toxic chemicals used when growing the cotton, this means that farmers and their families aren't exposed to these harsh substances. 

- It doesn't damage the soil like non organic cotton does and it has less impact on the air 

- Organic cotton uses much less water than standard cotton and most of the water used to grow it comes from rain. Standard cotton needs lots of water to grow, this can put a strain on local water supply, especially in areas that don't get as much water.