Jeans that fit your curves the way they should

Goodbye waist gap and booty squishing jeans

Dear jeans, we need to talk

We all know the horrible experience in the change room. You bring in 6 pairs and they all don't fit. The jeans either don't go past our booty (or squish it) or have a massive waist gap. Don't even get me started how baggy style jeans end up looking like skinny jeans. Having curves just never seem to work with jeans - the thing is, it's the jeans that are the issue, not you!

*Enters jeans that fit*

Our jeans are designed by women with curves for women with curves—so we know how to get the fit right. Your jeans are designed to cinch your smaller waist while shaping your juicy derriere.

Are our jeans for you?

Our quiz will help you find your fit! We use flowers instead of numbers for our sizing because our bodies are gorgeous and unique like flowers - not bland like a number.


Game Changer

Jean shopping has always been a horrible experience for me. I nearly cried when I put these jeans on, it was such a relief to finally find a pair that fit my body. They hug my waist, thighs and butt in the best way. They make me feel hot af and I get so many compliments on them every time I wear them. The quality is amazing and I would trust the zip on these with my life. 10000% worth the investment.

-Kate Jean

In what world does this happen??

The fit is so amazing. They fit my waist and my hips! In what world does that happen?? There is no waist gap and they have room for my thighs and my bum. I've never been able to find jeans that fit like this!

- Kate Moularadellis

Only designed for curves

Extended seat

The seat is the room at the back of your jeans. You'll find that jeans squish your booty or pull down at the back if this isn't long enough. You don't need to worry about it in our jeans, we've got your back (literally).

Real denim

We’ve been told that only jeggings will fit our curves. The truth is, they just never designed real jeans for our body shape, until we did.

Extra long zipper

We use a thick long zipper to make it easy to get your jeans on

More than just a pair of jeans

New outfits unlocked

Jeans are such a staple piece, it sucks that we haven't been able to wear a pair that actually fits well. Get all your cute tops ready because now you can wear a pair that fits.

She's confident

When we love the way we look we feel good. Not only do so many girls get so many compliments their Peachay's they feel so confident wearing jeans that flatter their shape so well

Love your curves

When things don't tend it fit, we can feel like our body is the issue - but this is so far from the truth! Fill your wardrobe with clothes that are made to love your curves so you do too.

Free shipping in AUS

$15 flat rate for rest of the world

Accept refunds

You can send them back for a refund (because we know shopping can be hard).

Simple swaps

When you receive your order, you can easily swap for a new size or style if you prefer something different