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How to wash your jeans to prevent wear and tear

Jeans go through a lot in one day (denim has to stretch and move when we move) so ware and tare is inevitable. Luckily denim is a pretty sturdy fabric compared to others, so we can get away with wearing it daily more than we can with other fabrics. That said, your jeans still need to be looked after to live a happy and long life, this means washing them properly. Here are some tips on how to wash your jeans to help them live longer.


1. Wash your jeans only when they need it

Jeans are not a wear then once wash situation. You want to avoid washing your jeans until they get smelly or dirty - then definitely give them a wash!


2. Air out your jeans after a few wears 

 Hanging your jeans next to a window is a great way to air out odours without putting them through the wash.


3. Try to spot clean stains instead of washing the whole jean 

Spot clean your jeans if you have a small stain. Make sure you get the right stain remover as some can bleach your jeans leaving a lighter patch. If it’s a hard stain, you might need to put them through the wash.


4. Turn your jeans inside out when washing 

 This helps to protect the colour and the jeans when they are going through the wash


5. Do up the button and zip before washing 

 This protects the hardware and makes sure they don’t catch on anything


5. Use a colour safe detergent 

A colour safe detergent will preserve the colour by helping fabrics hold onto the dye.


6. Put your washing machine on a gentle/hand wash cold setting 

A hot more intense setting can shrink and damage your jeans overtime - no one wants that.


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