Find my fit

Measure your waist and booty, then match up your measurement to a flower fit in the chart. Our denim is designed to fit women with a pear or hourglass shape. There is a video below which shows you where to measure. If you need help please reach out to our fit specialists at hello@peachay and check out the FAQ's at the end of the page.

The fit chart is just an indication on which fit to try based on two of your body measurements.

How to measure

Finding the best fit

How do I know which flower fit I am?

Grab a measuring tape and follow the instructions in the video above to find your measurements. Then find the fit that matches up in the table.

Why are your sizes flowers?

We've never found a pair of jeans that have 'standard sizing' fit our curves. So it really didn't make sense to use that system. It would also be confusing since we are usually a mix of sizes through our waist to our thighs.

Plus, flowers are much nicer than numbers.

How should my denim fit?

If you would like a firm fit around your waist, we suggest getting a pair that feels quite snug around the waistband when you first try them on. This is because they will stretch a few cm over time. If you are looking for a more relaxed fit, you don't need that snug fit to begin with.

Will the denim stretch after wear?

Because they are denim, they will stretch a few cm after wear. Washing them will shrink them back down a little bit.