It starts with a pair that fits

We should feel confident and empowered in our Jeans

Finding jeans that are designed for your body shape is how you feel your best self in denim. Our jeans are made to fit your small waist, big booty and thighs. We design our jeans on women with pear and hourglass body shapes to get the best fit for your curves.

Before I created Peachay

Finding a pair of jeans that fit was a nightmare

My Peachay journey started when I put on a pair of pants and the stitching in the middle of my bum split... Having a small waist, a bigger booty and thighs means denim shopping is a nightmare! I was honestly so sick of trying on jeans to have nothing fit then walking away thinking my body was the problem. It took me a while to realise that it was the jeans that were the issue, not me. I felt there was no brand to turn to when it came to jeans that fit my curves, so I decided to create my own. I hope that you love your Peachay's as much as I do, finding jeans that fit your body is so empowering.


Bella xx

Our impact

The environment

Our impact on the environment is something we really care about. That's why our packaging is biodegradable and we use organic cotton in most of our products. As we grow, we will have more opportunities to use more eco friendly material in all of our products.

Community and ethics

We proudly create and design our jeans in Melbourne and Sydney. We work with a small family business in Melbourne to cut, sew and wash our denim. Our manufacturer has been ethically accredited. This accreditation means that the men and women creating our jeans receive fair pay and good working conditions.


Our founder

Bella is a proud Wiradjuri and Kamillaroi women. She lives in Sydney and works on Peachay full time from her bedroom with her Great Dane Zuko. Bella created Peachay 3 years ago juggling working full time and growing her business. After 2.5 years she was finally ready to say goodbye to the 9-5 and hello to working full time on Peachay.