I'm Bella and I created Peachay because I wanted denim that fit my smaller waist AND my bigger hips, butt and thighs. 

Shopping for denim has always been a nightmare (as you may know) and it's never made me feel good about my body. The reason for this ( which is only obvious to me now) is that brands just didn't make jeans for my body shape. There was nothing wrong with the size of by bum or my thighs, it was just that I was different 'sizes' in different parts of my body - which is totally normal and great. It's just most brands don't design clothes with that in mind, hence why we all have this issue finding jeans that fit.

To make sure we don't miss out on wearing jeans AND to enjoy the experience of clothing that makes us feel good, I started a side hustle called Peachay - making denim that is small enough to fit our waist with room for our juicy hips, butt and thighs. 

After 3 years working full time as a UX designer while doing Peachay on the side, I've finally made Peachay my full time hussle!! I'm so excited to grow Peachay with you 💕


Bella xx